MF/HF Radio Equipment JSS-2150/2250/2500

  • Features

    The JSS-2150/2250/2500 MF/HF Class A DSC radio equipment features an intuitive user interface and a highly reliable circuit that enables all-mode continuous full power operation.

  • Class A 6CH DSC watch-keeping built-in

    The MF/HF has Digital Selective Calling (DSC*) as standard with a built in Class A 6CH DSC watch-keeping receiver. You can transmit and receive digital selective calls for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communication with other ships and coast stations. In distress situations, the MF/HF sends an alert once you press the distress button. The integrated DSC watch-keeping receiver monitors distress alarms through continuous scanning of distress frequencies.

    Fully meets new ITU-R M.493-13

  • MF/HF controller settings

    The MF/HF controller uses a 3.8-inch high visibility LCD display, which you can adjust at your own convenience. The display has 10 dim settings and you can set the contrast up to 11 different levels. An integrated screensaver and the ability to assign a commonly used menu to a user key for direct access, are just a few of the possibilities.

  • Distress alerts

    The MF/HF controller includes a prominent distress button, with features to prevent accidental activation. When in distress, you can send a DSC message instantly, transmitting your MMSI, position, time of position and nature of distress, enabling an immediate response for search and rescue efforts.

  • Digital audio

    The MF/HF controller integrates an advanced digital audio amplifier, which increases the amount of power, making the receiving message loud and clear.

  • Connect a remote control

    Getting a second operation controller onboard is easy. Connect a second MF/HF controller to the transceiver and position the controller at a secondary location on the ship. The second MF/HF station is fully operable and you can transfer saved channel data to optimize your operation.

Marine VHF Radiotelephone JHS-800S

    Our new 5-inch touch screen controlled Class A VHF radio (JRC model JHS-800S) featuring a uniform, corporate design with manual-free operation. The all-in-one unit (control unit with speaker, radiotelephone and DSC) has high sensitivity performance, Hi-Fi output and protection rate of IP56.

  • Easy operation

  • 5-inch color LCD touch display

  • Class A DSC complying latest GMDSS requirement

  • High quality sound (Hi-Fi audio)

  • Easy to install by compact design

  • Up to 4 remote controllers

  • All-in-one design

  • New designed speaker and handset

  • Bluetooth® interface for wireless speaker mic

  • Waterproof design (IP56)

Two-way VHF Radiotelephone JHS-207

  • Floating GMDSS two-way VHF Radiotelephone

  • Excellent sound quality under all conditions

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design, lightweight and compact

  • Depending on the installed battery, automatically switch to emergency mode and regular mode

  • Large-capacity battery pack enables long-time operation of 12 hours

  • Up to 57 channels can be used in regular mode

  • New designed speaker and handset

Two-way VHF Radiotelephone On-board Communication Equipment JHS-7

    The JHS-7 is a hand-held portable VHF radiotelephone for on-scene, life-saving two-way communication between survival craft, between survival craft and ship, and between ship and rescue boat in accordance with SOLAS convention.

Inmarsat C JUE-87

    The JUE-87 is a highly reliable mobile satellite data communication system, having the ability to handle commercial, operational and personal messages just as easily as distress and safety communications.

  • About the Inmarsat C system

    JRC JUE-87 Inmarsat C is a digital satellite communication system whereby data can be encoded into digital format, whether text, numeric data from instruments or other information in digital format can be sent and received over the system. A simple user interface allows sending and receiving messages.

  • All-in-one Internally Mounted Equipment

    The new Internally Mounted Equipment (IME) with display features a high brightness color LCD with an extra wide viewing angle.

    Data terminal unit is integrated into the Inmarsat C IME allowing for a straightforward installation approach and is ready for our Remote Maintenance System (RMS).

  • USB

    The USB 2.0 port located on the front panel allows you to connect a mass storage device to save and load messages.

  • The display

    Our new IME with 10.4-inch display features a color display with a variety of coloring menus. Factory default color is Ocean Day. The LCD gives you a bright picture with excellent color consistency, even when you're viewing the display from the side.

406MHz Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon Tron 60AIS

    The EPIRB tested for operational and performance requirements in accordance with the IEC 61097-2 Ed.4.

  • Conforming to the IMO resolution MSC.471 (101)

  • AIS homing technology included for faster localization

  • Supports Multi-GNSS

  • Prepared for RLS* through Galileo

  • Infrared LED light for night vision devices and assisted SAR

Radar Transponder Tron SART20

    Tron SART20 is designed for use in search and rescue (SAR) operations. A radar transponder gives the location for any nearby vessel and aircraft with X-band radar. Radar transponder is designed for use in lifeboats and life rafts. Easy mounting in bulkhead bracket onboard the vessel, easy to release and activate in an emergency situation. Various installation devices available as options. MED and other approvals available. Mandatory carriage equipment for all ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards, according to SOLAS Ⅲ/6.2.2, Ⅲ/26.2.5 and Ⅳ/7.1.3.

  • Small and compact design with non-hazardous battery.

  • 5 years maintenance kit, serviceable on board.

Weather FAX JAX-9B

    The JAX-9B weather facsimile receiver is a very compact and lightweight solution, incorporating a set of enhanced features that allows for flexible operation.

  • Flexible operation and recording system

    The received fax broadcasts are recorded on thermal recording paper, using a thermal head with less moving parts. JRC integrated an automatic frequency selection, allowing for optimized receiving. The JAX-9B can receive in four different modes.

  • Automatic recording

    All operations can be remotely controlled to automatically start up, set parameters, receiving images, feed paper, and stop by remote signals from the broadcasting stations. Only halftone recording is manually controlled.

  • Manual recording

    You can manually set the index of co-operation (IOC), scanning speed, and the halftone recording. The JAX-9B automatically records and stops in this mode.

  • Forced recording

    This is an extensive function of the automatic recording mode. The JAX-9B can manually record while neither in automatic or manual recording mode, also while broadcasting is in progress. Phasing is done manually. It also adopts to an unique system to terminate phase matching instantaneously.

  • Timer programme recording

    The period of the start and stop modes, station frequencies, and half-tone on/off are easy programmable. Whilst combined with the fully automatic mode, and unattended, error-free operation is made possible.